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Artichokes in oil

3 kg of artichokes
1 liter of white wine vinegar
1 liter of water
Extra virgin olive oil Agrolio
1 lemon juice filtered

Bought about 3kg of artichokes, although many seem to end cooking enough to fill a glass jar of medium to large proportions.

Equipe of gloves before handling the artichokes, because their contact your fingers turn black!
Start browsing the artichokes and eliminate the darker outer leaves and tough. Cut the stems at the base and both ends of the leaves, so as to retain only the light of the artichoke heart: Remember, man man keep them clean in water, lemon and salt and leave for half an hour.

This will not make them black. Fill a pot with equal proportions of water and vinegar - 1lt - and take it and abolition. When you pour the vinegar boil the artichokes cook for 3-4 minutes. After this time, drain and leave to cool and dry.

We reached the final stage is to prepare the jar with garlic and, according to taste, bay leaves and chili. Place the artichokes cool

and filled with our excellent extra virgin olive oil to completely cover the artichokes. Close the jar with its lid, but we suggest you keep the jar in plain sight because the oil tends to fall and then be added from time to time so as not to leave the artichokes discovered.

It 'best to wait at least one month prior to sample this delicacy and store it in the dark!

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