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Each oil has different characteristics and organoleptic quality, which depend on the production area, the type of cultivars ...


Sandwiches oil

1kg flour
30 g yeast
cup extra virgin olive oil Agrolio
Salt and milk q.b.
Melt the yeast in a little 'warm milk. Place the flour and add yeast. Begin kneading by combining oil and water gradually warm up to get the dough firm and consistent.

At this point, divide the mixture into cakes which will give an elongated shape.
Arrange well spaced between them in a baking sheet sprinkled with flour. Put to rise for an hour covering the rolls with a blanket so that encourages growth.

After a time of rising, engrave on the back rolls and cook in oven at 130 ° - 140 ° for 25 minutes. The smell of bread will invade your home!

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