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Each oil has different characteristics and organoleptic quality, which depend on the production area, the type of cultivars ...

History of Oil

Oil, green gold on our tables, is the precious gift of a tree which is nowadays known around the world and today it is the symbol of the Mediterranean civilization. But its history fades away if we look back to the past centuries and millenniums . Its history runs through legend and reality, myth and religion. It involves spaces, people and different cultures.

The origins of this history belong to the Middle East. The most ancient oil-mills have been find in Palestine, many millenniums before Christ. It was then diffused in Egypt, Crete, in the Attic and in all the Mediterranean thanks to the Phoenicians, the Greeks and the Carthaginians. The Greeks introduced it in Italy around 1000 b.c. and then the Etruscans cultivated it giving the name to its most precious fruit: eleiva, olio, oil. The Romans then spread over , the techniques of cultivation, squeezing and conservation to the conquered lands.

Fields of olive trees have therefore become, during the centuries, a characteristic of our country and above all of the Apulian landscape. As it is evident from the utensils and the archaeological discoveries made in the last years, oil has always been present in the rites and customs of everyday life Oil is nowadays a precious food, healthy, genuine and tasty. A worldly symbol of conviviality, the extra virgin olive oil is today an unfailing dressing for all of our dishes and it is typical of the Mediterranean cuisine. The Apulian territory is so rich and capable of growing high quality plants , that its oil is appreciated all over the world. Andria is an apulian city which has one of the most rich production of olives and oil. Our oil comes from here, a unique taste for nowadays and fruit of the experience of the past. The extra virgin olive oil Agrolio still preserves all of the ancient flavour born from a remote wisdom and its origins come from a long history. A small history of the Agresti family, that from more than a hundred years preserves the secret of its genuineness and the uniqueness of a pure and excellent oil; because the best things are always the most simple and most natural.

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